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Clinical Counsellor &
Addictions Specialist


Together towards Wellness, Growth & Change

Taking care of your mental health is an essential gift of self-care that you give to yourself, as well as the people you love. This is why I work with clients, families and mental health practitioners to make counselling and learning about mental health an insightful, supportive experience tailored especially to you.


Hey, I’m Amber

I am a psychotherapist, clinical counsellor, group therapist, clinical supervisor and mental health facilitator, and I specialise in supporting individuals, couples and families impacted by addiction.

I am the Clinical Director of Sydney Addictions Recovery, a specialist outpatient counselling clinic in Sydney's Inner West on Gadigal and Wangal Country.

I'm also the Director and Founder of Rough Patch, an affordable, social enterprise counselling service and mental health shop that aims to make counselling more affordable and accessible.


Working Together for Change

Whether you’re preparing to take your first step towards making some positive changes, are a family member looking for support tools, or are a practitioner looking to expand your knowledge and skills of mental healthcare for your clients, you can benefit from a range of personalised counselling, psychotherapy and mental health training services.

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Psychotherapy & Clinical Counselling

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Group Therapy & Workshops

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High-Profile & Creative Industries Clients


In the Media

Watch, listen or read about addiction, mental health and more.

I have worked with trusted media brands including ABC, Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Opera House, The Brag Media, The Industry Observer, Channel Nine/Honey, Essential KidsThe Latch, Popsugar, Val Morgan, Fashion Journal, Oodykoo, Body & Soul, and more...

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