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Talking About Your Body in Front of Your Children: It’s a Fine Line

The diet industry is a 10 billion dollar a year — yes, per year — industry. In fact, reports estimate that by 2027 it will be worth USD $257.7 billion. That’s nine whole zeros. And the industry is now coming for our children, whether we mean it to or not. According to an article from ABC News, children as young as 11 are presenting with full eating disorders — like anorexia.

Although there are no ways to prevent eating disorders, according to MayoClinic, they do suggest parents avoid dieting around their children — oh, and avoid criticising their own body in front of their child.

An obvious one, perhaps, but with diet culture being so pervasive in our generation — and often something we internalised from generations before us — sometimes we may not realise we’re even partaking in it. Read the article here.


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